KYC Kaos by SBI

Wanting to rant about KYC Kaos (=chaos) is the reason I am returning to my blog.

Here is the text of my tweet to SBI and UIDAI

“I support #Aadhar Dear @ceo_uidai but @TheOfficialSBI is harrassing me by asking paper copies for KYC despite my bank ac and PAN being linked with Aadhaar. SBI even put a lien on my account with arb amount w/o formal notice. @FinMinIndia @PMOIndia . Two physical visits needed get lien lifted.”

SBI SM handle ‘replied’ with just an acknowledgement. Nothing from UIDAI.

I posted the above tweet on my Facebook page. I got inputs from knowledgeable people in banking explaining how KYC updating regularly is necessary as per ‘risk weightage’ and banking regulations and that the banks warn their customers before any action etc. I was also informed about how our banking practices are one of the most evolved in the world and a visit to branch every 2-3 years should not be a problem.

Since I am dealing with SBI, RBI, and UIDAI like world class institutions, I’d better be right and my peeve should not be just a crib. So I thought I will take the trouble of writing down what happened.


1. On March 17, 2018 at 19:06 I received a text message informing me that a hold of Rs xx ( amount significantly large) has been created in my savings account.

2. I didn’t receive a single text message or email from SBI about any pending action from my side KYC related or otherwise prior to the above sms. I have searched sms s and emails (including spam folder) to reconfirm this. I received many emails about not sharing OTP, exhorting me to download YONO app and all that. So my email and mobile no. with SBI have been correct.

3. I had linked my SBI account with AADHAR sometime back and I had submitted KYC documents to bank some time back so I didn’t even imagine this could be a KYC issue. I don’t have any loans. Nor I have given any standing payment instructions out of my savings account.  And I have some good FD s with the same SBI branch – my home branch.

4. Perplexed, I called SBI 24×7 customer care number. Remember it was Saturday and it was 7 PM. After wading through IVR I managed to get the ear of ever so helpful and ever so sweet customer support executive only to be told that ‘Sorry Sir, this can be due to some loan or standing payment instruction related issue. I need to contact home branch.

5. Through my Sunday runs and beers and nap I kept wondering about this ‘lien’ on my account. I hate the word. SBI, the largest bank in India was telling me that I had ‘defaulted’ on something and that they had to take this drastic step against me on Saturday evening itself  -so that I don’t flee and fly away like Mallya or Nirav.

6. On Monday morning (19th March) I tried calling my home branch because I wanted to know what exactly was the problem before visiting. No luck. Numbers saved on phone didn’t exist anymore. Google search and SBI web site branch page also retuned nonworking contact phone numbers.

7. My wife agreed to pay a visit. She was told that it was KYC ! You need to come with AADHAR Card and PAN Card original and self-attested photocopies.

8. My wife made another trip next day ( it is better that the same person meets the same person on the same issue, even if our systems are so evolved) and did the needful . Lien gone.

Now my questions

1. KYC is a must.  Have it renewed regularly. But please can you be a bit predictable? How about a KYC calendar like Tax return calendar?

2. If Jan Dhan accounts with zero balance can be opened just with AADHAR, why is anything other than AADHAR linking is needed for Savings accounts with no loan and with some good FDs ? Don’t say that RBI says so. Logic? Risk weightage? Come on.

3.  UIDAI says AADHAR is not a card. It is a number identifying a person using biometric data. How the hell SBI is asking for photocopies of AADHAR ? And SBI is not alone in this .

4. Why can’t SBI install kyc terminals in its branches? It has been for years that AADHAR and Jan Dhan have been existing. (Oh the pleasure of getting a Jio SIM by just showing your thumb to its eKYC terminal! )

5. I keep getting emails from Mutual Fund registrars  that I should link my AADHAAR with my account or else … . This even after I have done it. So they add ‘ignore’ it if done already to play safe.  You can’t filter out those who have done and remind only those who haven’t?

But our great SBI didn’t even send me a single email or sms. On a Saturday evening it woke up with a start to my ‘risk weightage’ and sprung into action to bring a lien down on me!

I also wonder: Mallya and Nirav must have complied fully with KYC. And that must the reason they could avoid any high risk weightage for years and years.





‘Not running’ status: avoiding or scrolling down facebook screen fast

My facebook timeline makes my ‘not running’ status more painful.  And what is facebook without posting pictures of our running group Anyone Can Run and clapping PBs of your fellow runners?

The good thing is that after my crepe bandage has come off and after I started walking more, started going down the stairs, and started driving car, the pain in my foot is going down. I have started preparing for my first run. I have am planning to see a physio for early rehab of my foot muscles. I have even started wiggling my toes 🙂

This layoff has given me an opportunity to attend to my upper body and core muscles -something I guess I wasn’t doing that well when I was running four days a week. That was some serious running and hence skipping strength training was alright -that’s what I used to tell myself.

But not anymore. With enough time on my hands and being more or less home bound, I have looked up and invented whatever exercises one can do by lying down on my back or by sitting on a chair. A pair of dumbbells is all that it takes . Perhaps I may add an exercise band.

I imagine that I will start running even before the stipulated period is over. I am excited and scared at such a thought.


The crepe bandage is off!

A visit to my orthopedic doctor and an X-Ray confirmed that all is well. He said ‘Vvaa! ‘ looking at my X-Ray (in Marathi, which is like ‘wow! ) Off goes my crepe bandage and ‘you can drive, bike, swim, walk… but no running yet’.

It feels so much better to walk without one foot in bandage. Driving on Pune roads is not a pleasure but it is nice to be independent after a month.

It is still three weeks to my running. But I am on a comeback trail for sure.

Fifty Shades of Feminism?

A nice article, because it is a whiff of fresh air.…/why-i-no-longer-identify-as-a-f…/ .

Yet, if you are confused at the end about what is what, don’t blame me.

By the way: Are educated Hindus carrying the burden of White People’s Christian Guilt when we have our own problems to solve?

On the comeback trail

I haven’t been running since my 17 Km run on 4th of November.  I have been enjoying no-alarm mornings in Pune’s winter. I go for a lazy walk and have the Amrit tulya chai at my favorite tea, stall Trupti. Then I come back.

My post-run routine of tea and newspaper and walking back home is now in place.

At times I meet usual walkers and runners and others on my stroll. All is well except that I limp a little. The limp today was less than yesterday’s. This suggests that I am on comeback trail after the longest and the only running injury related break since I started running seven years back.


To the Outraging Fringe on Alwar Killing

To the outraging of fringe over alleged killing by a ‘gaurakshaks’ in Alwar I say:

1) Since police have arrested the ‘alleged suspects’ and investigating the episode wait for the police to complete their work and file charge sheet. You will know the truth – it may be nothing do with cows, personal rivalry or any such things. Even if it is, the accused will get punished.

2) If you argue that ‘oh police and courts take too long and don’t do a good job’, please protest and demand thorough reform of judiciary and legal profession and policing (surveillance, prevention, detection, and prosecution ). Almost every major crime -be it murder, rape, or rioting ) happens because of poor policing and a glacial and gamed judiciary. It takes decades to convict ( if at all) and then convicts like Lalu roam free. If you are not demanding this you are a hypocrite.

3) If you are unwilling to do 1 or 2 above, accept the above crime as an expression of anger of some elements of Hindus due to being at the receiving end of your communal politics which has caused restrictions on Hindu traditions, exodus of Kashmiri Pandits, killing of RSS and BJP workers, Islamization of parts of Bengal, Kerala, and UP, glorification of Muslim terrorists and stone pelters who help terrorists. All this has been coming on top of centuries of genocide of Hindus by Muslim rulers, destruction of thousands of temples, and forcible conversions and rapes of Hindu women by Muslim rulers. Since you justify terror and Muslim mob’s violence on the basis of some historical wrongs, you should have no problem in this 3 rd option. This perfectly fits in with your model of thinking.

Cow protection is here to stay. It is part of the ethos of this civilization. A huge majority reveres cows. That’s why it is one the directive principles of our Constitution and almost every state has laws for cow protection -enacted when even the Hindu hater Congress was in power. Learn to respect what the majority reveres whatever may be your individual opinion. It also respects Bhagwan Ram and Krisha. That’s the simple fact of life.

For records, I and ( I think almost every Hindu) do not support killings whatever may be the provocation. The crime must be investigated for its motives and culprits must be punished. But I am very keen to see the existing convicts to serve their sentences. There must be first cum first serve for this also. Right?

If you refuse to accept any of the above. keep shouting. Majority of of this country doesn’t read or watch your partisan outrages. They have a good measure of you. They don’t speak except through the ballot.

You will continue to lose elections and stay as a fringe of India.

The ‘Theory of Akhilesh Win’ and BJP

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Assembly elections in UP and other states are around the corner.  Desperate to stop Modi juggernaut, alliances are being made and unmade. Here is one in UP

UP’s Mahagathabandhan =Akhilesh’s SP-+Mulayam’s old guard + -Congress + -RLD Other local parties too are coming together on ‘secular’ platform.

The pluses and minuses change daily like in a soap opera. The Yadav family drama has caught the fancy of our pseudo-everything main stream media. Very eager to see Modi humbled and bundled out, the media clutches at every tenuous thread to prop any challenger -Kejriwal, Hardik, Mayawati, Mamata, and Rahul being air dropped between his vacations. Media’s latest knight in shining armour is Akhilesh.

The ‘Theory of Akhilesh Win’

Media’s ‘Theory of Akhilesh Win’ goes like this: SP faced anti-incumbency. With his bold gambit of throwing out old guard Akhilesh would overcome negative performance and image of his own government. The EC dutifully gives him the ‘Cycle’ instead of freezing the symbol. Akhilesh’s youth and Muslim vote in pocket and some laptops would be enough to sweep aside Modi’s BJP.

Then the soap opera’s conductor adds a twist to the script. The father, the son, and the uncles would soon get together for a family selfie. Our media spinners spin a new sub-theory -Maulana’s return would bring back Muslim votes which would have been captured by Mayawati.

Mayawati’s vote trawler

She has a trawler with her vote-fishing net having 97 floats thrown out in UP’s waters muddied by caste and Muslim factors. Mayawati stares at her fishing net’s 97 bobbing nodes and wonders whether to focus on Muslims or her wads of SC votes.

Congress, seeking a semblance of relevance, declares its alliance with Akhilesh. Our media is ecstatic.

Politics is changing, opposition doesn’t get it

This is how electoral politics has played out all along in India -deals, counter deals, back deals, reward the rebels, encash votebanks of castes and be very afraid of Muslim vote.

If one looks at the enthusiastic support by common people to demonetization, one knows that India under its PM’s leadership has already changed and it is changing. When Modi exhorts BJP to be transparent about its funding, one can assume that he is throwing another challenge to the political class.

By this time, details of BJP MPs’ and MLAs’ cash deposits from November 8th to December 30th must be under processing.

Modi has irrevocably altered India’s political economy. He is combining a revamped and bigger subsidy regime with a business-friendly environment and infrastructure development with boosting small and tiny businesses through Mudra loans. Demonetization, e-transactions and GST are ushering in a faster economy.  A grocer, a shoe shine wala and every ordinary Indian have tasted the advantages of digital economy and what it means to get transfers of subsidies and payments directly in one’s bank account.  In rural households, LPG connections are replacing smoking chullahs. She knows that her ‘notes’ are safer in her bank than in her kitchen. She feels empowered and is no longer a beggar that the Congress had reduced her to be. She is a tough task master. Read more

Right under the nose of opposition political parties and media, Modi is transforming India’s politics too. While they are creating fiction of intolerance, church attacks, and Dalit deaths, India’s politics is changing from job reservations to livelihood and wealth creation, from fear of technology to embracing it and innovating, from mere demands to people’s participation as seen during demonetization crunch, from main stream media to social media and specialty media. That’s why some ’eminent’ journalists are clamoring for gagging the social media.

Public mood is changing from cynicism about crime and scams to taking on the monsters of black money  and terror.  When else would you find the Prime Minister and the most watched and followed politician launching BHIM app for person to person transfer funds based on indigenously developed technology?

Opposition parties are scared of Modi’s budget coming right before the polling for assembly elections begins. They know that something has changed but they don’t get what -conditioned as they are by decades of Congress style of politics.

But what about the BJP?

I had written in my article on June 12, 2016

“The worrying fact is that BJP is playing the game set up by its opposition.”  Read more

At that time, BJP lacked an overarching emotive appeal that would transcend caste and religion considerations. Surgical strikes against Pakistan and the war on black money which has reached every household are those overarching issues now. From its towering leader, BJP couldn’t have asked for more. Then there are powerful local issues like bleak law and order, communal riots, and Kairana exodus.  Akhilesh has nothing to show and everything to hide for his rule of five years.

As I write this, I am aware of RSS’s Manmohan Vaidya’s statement on reservations at the Jaipur Literature Festival. The opposition and main stream media are quite thrilled because they are good at twisting facts to suit them.  For an ever-defensive BJP, this provides another reason to stay on back foot. If BJP snatches defeat from the jaws of victory, this would be an excuse like it was in Bihar elections. The reason wasn’t valid in Bihar of 2015. It will be even less valid in UP and India of 2017.

You can’t learn how to win from losers of 2014. You can surely learn something from the winner, your top leader and India’s PM -work on your message and deliver it aggressively.

Is BJP afraid of losing UP ? 

Afraid to do anything ‘wrong’ lest it doesn’t win, it stitches an alliance of castes and plans to select candidates accordingly. BJP hears about Akhilesh-Congress alliance and it goes on defensive. It forgets its own PM’s huge achievements and its declared poll planks -surgical strikes and demonetization. On top of allotting tickets to Congress and BSP rebels it welcomes a thoroughly discredited ND Tiwari in its fold. BJP later plays down the whole sordid episode after a huge protest by its supporters on social media. In 2012, BJP had welcomed BSP’s Babu Singh Kushwaha infamous for NRHM scam.  In 2004, it had welcomed strongman and history sheeter DP Yadav.

Worse, when its workers die at the hands of leftists and jihadis in states like Kerala, It doesn’t take the state governments to task. It ignores Hindu traditions to be trampled by foreign-funded NGOs emboldened by a lopsided judicial overreach.  Our pseudo-secular opposition doesn’t see anything wrong in casteist and minority appeasement politics and letting corrupt contest elections. Is BJP afraid of bad press?

BJP may sweep polls, but we need better politics from it

Union Budget will most likely consolidate and build upon Modi Government’s pro-poor and development reputation. Modi’s rallies in UP will be another big factor. These factors and the emotive and substantive issues mentioned above may transcend Congress politics. UP’s main parties SP and BSP are not likely to come together. Therefore, it is quite possible that BJP will sweep the UP polls. But we expect far better politics and communication by the largest political party.


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