Your morning cuppa is sponsored

I am mean your the newspaper that you must have with your cuppa of tea or coffee.

My friends have been warned by me. Now the warning comes from Sudheendra Kulkarni (ex-BJP like me!). Read News on sale.

Media charge fees for carrying the news or views (mostly views). This has been the best kept open secret for a long time. Some five years back a student in my marketing class had asked me about effectiveness PR as a communication tool if media can be used to further your interests by paying.

No need to get worked up about it. Forget the fourth pillar and all that stuff. You should have known better. When you pay just two or three rupees for sixteen big pages (some times more and some in color) and you have been getting free advice on what to invest in, you should have known that you just paying for paper. You have been having getting news \ views free. Now someone has to pay and media is big business. You should have known that whatever comes to you can not have your interest (comprehensive and accurate reporting) as driver.

If you have been forming opinions (you bet you have been) by reading newspapers or watching TV news or reading articles in mags most of your opinions are likely to be based on what suits the paymasters (politicians, companies, celebrities)and not on facts.

Are you ready to junk your thoughts to kabadi or raddi along with your newspaper and format your brains after watching TV? If you call yourself a right thinking (you bet you call that) individual you will have to do this.