nothing to rave \ rant \ reflect ??

My last appearance here was on Dec 30, 2009

It is not that I had nothing to rave / rant / reflect about. Given a self-imposed ban on writing on politics, the main trigger of my rants was gone. It seems all our problems are circumscribed by politics. Ranting provides maximum motivation to actually log and blog. That was out.

There was much to rave about in IPL -Sachin, Raina, Bollinger, Dhoni, Rayadu, Tiwari and many others who played and played a damn good cricket. But then one reads about it in media. What could have I added to it? If I had a power to subtract, I would have used it to subtract IPL’s all back stage coverage except the tweets.

Something to reflect? Sure there was. But it is not easy to get up and start blogging about your reflections. It is nice to be in contemplative mood over a coffee or a drink of mellower variety with friends, letting them emerge. Logging & blogging disturb the waters.

As for now, I am looking forward to the evening of mellower drinks with friends. I shall report on it, if I can capture what happens.


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