wages of power & glory…

A deal with the Yadavs -include caste enumeration in the census, after the Home Minister has stated the difficulties involved and despite this being an abandoned practice since 1931 (deal for support in Parliament)
A deal with Mayawati – simple, just ask CBI to close the disproportionate assets cases against Mayawati (for support in Parliament)
A deal with Minorities for religion based reservations in jobs (for the eternal vote ATM)
A deal with DMK -just wink at A Raja through the open Rs 60,000 Cr telecom scam (again for support to the government)

We do not know what deals have been struck with Pakistan through SharmelSheikh Joint Statement, which delinked dialogue from terror, while the US and UK and much of the world blames Pak goverment for aiding and abetting terror camps (a Nobel Peace Prize for the PM?)

We do not know what deals were struck with China and US in Copenhagen Climate Summit.

Standby for : deal with Yadavs again in the form of separate parliament seats for OBCs and Minorities (why not?) in return for support to reservation for women (including quota within quota for OBC women) and support in the parliament.

A GK item: Nehru & Gandhi preferred partition of India to reserving parliament seats for Muslims. Jina was foul guy for demanding this. They ignored warnings of communal riots. So much was their opposition to the reservations based on religion.

Manmohan and his mentor are great visionaries and clean people.


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