Exiting world T20

Since there seems to be a lot of pain due to our premature (really?) exit and since everyone has been expressing grief, anger, anguish, surprise, humiliation and since everyone has been blaming The IPL and the parties, here are my views on the this burning subject.

Dhoni’s men exited the way they exited simply because they could not handle the short pitched stuff aimed at their rib cages and the skulls. This is not news. Barring the little master (I mean Sunil Gavaskar,. who played the West Indies’ feared pace quartet without a helmet and with that memorable hair style), only a rare Indian batsman could play the short pitched stuff with confidence. Even the new age wonders like Raina can not handle this.

Cause # 2: Sub-standard fielding (Remember Gayle being dropped half-way to his 95?)

Cause #3 : Our bowlers can not bowl surprise bouncers and they (spinners) can not flight the ball. Our only aim was to save runs and not to take wickets.

Non-reasons: Dhoni and co. were certainly not tired. They looked  so well fed and well taken care of. And see, how fresh they looked in various commercials!


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