An algorithm for profilng people..

I had to break my self-imposed silence on politics. I did it once. Here I go again.

When I read about the Afzal Guru’s file @Delhi Government story, I was angry. The Congress Governments at Center and State have been delaying the implementation of Supreme Court’s judgment. If the person convicted for an attack on the parliament gets Congress’ covert support, is it any surprise that the Naxalites and Maoists wage war against the state?

Read what M J Akbar writes about this in today’s Times of India

Akbar says that Congress is worried about the Muslim Vote that’s why it is delaying the decision on Afzal Guru. He calls it the worst case of ‘profiling’ of Muslims.

Now, profiling is a dirty word these days. But US Government has been profiling some religions and some nationalities ever since the 9/11. It has also been profiling educated Indians while granting VISAs. The US Government justifies ‘profiling’.

What about the Congress? If it fears loosing Muslim vote, it may have a justification. After all, a party that has ruled India for all but five years must have some extraordinary talent. Look at the party’s feats:
-a party claiming to have won India’s freedom without anyone else’s contribution
-a party that could extricate itself successfully from the horrors of partition and from the humiliation of the military defeat by China in 1962
-a party that condemned the nation for decades of license control Raj and deprivation
-a party that opposed proportional representation for Muslims for decades and partitioned the country for that reason and a party that now is prepared barter every type of reservation for staying in power
-a party that has perfected the art of using caste equations and that has condemned Indians to perpetual caste based thinking
-a party that has winked at countless number of cases of monumental corruption
-a party that has remained a ‘preferred’ or ‘default’ party of governance (in crude words ‘born to rule’) despite all above

Such a party like Congress just has to describe other parties as ‘communalist’ or ‘fascists’ or ‘anti-national’ or ‘pro-rich’ and the wise Indian people nod their heads and vote for Congress.

Such a party like Congress must have had its ears to ground while arriving at the profiling algorithm. Who knows?

I do not agree with profiling, but I strongly feel that it is Government’s duty to protect citizens, maintain law & order, and for that reason also punish those have been convicted of crimes.

But perhaps, the Congress is our culture (also known as Hindu or Indian culture). A culture with a history of over thousand years of subjugation. How can one oppose such a dominant culture?


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