facebook ‘suicide’?

The book of faces wears many masks. I had laughed when sometime back a couple of my friends had refused to jump on the bandwagon for the very reason that facebook has been in news -privacy. Today I logged in my facebook to check the ‘new’ privacy setting. There was no change! I checked again just be sure. I found nothing. I expected facebook to carry an announcement and explanation about the new privacy settings.

Do they wish to hide the new privacy setting from users who may have been less alert? Perhaps.

When profit (or glory or power) is the motive and when the profit is not earned in a straightforward way (you get facebook free -facebook makes money through ads and shares user data for targeting ads) anything is possible. And each one of us is on his or her own.

I had stopped visiting facebook long time back. I found its interface irritating and settings obscure and confusing.

The magic of the user generated content (means photoos and scrabble updates) never enchanted me.

I was getting put off by the apps coming to me disguised as messages from my friends.

I think that the scales clearly tilt towards me saying goodbye to facebook and my friends. I am sure me and my friends can surely find other ways of connecting.

facebook suicide, eh?


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