Are we really a demorcatic people?

I am quite unhappy to devote one more post to the powerful Madam. But her powers should make us uncomfortable.

Read this article by Tavleen Singh in today’s (June 6) Indian Express

But nobody seems to be complaining about the total disconnect between powers and accountability. I wonder, do we Indians really give a damn about such niceties like
-power and accountability should go hand in hand
-rights and responsibilities should go hand in hand (this for us the people)
-larger public good should prevail over private gains \ losses
the list can go on…

But if we and our ‘wise’ electorate really cared for these things we would not have had this situation of one party, one family ruling the country for over six decades without much interruption. Looks like this ‘Hindu’ way of doing things is the DNA of our country. Who am I to protest?


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