Wikileaks: Taliban, Pakistan’s ISI targeted Indians

 Our External Affairs (?) Minister has been talking peace with Pakistan and got insulted.

If anyone had doubts about what Pakistan has been upto,  the Wikileak  documents should clarify this: Pakistan has just one obsession -India the enemy.

Read this from Frontline

Targeting Indians
As many as 180 of the files released pertain to the Inter-Services Intelligence’s (ISI) role in training and arming the Taliban. British Prime Minister David Cameron, on a visit to India in the last week of July, agreed with his hosts that Pakistan’s involvement with terror groups was destabilising the continent. The WikiLeaks logs revealed that Indian development projects and diplomatic missions in Afghanistan were regularly targeted by militants at the prompting of their handlers in Pakistan.


What should one conclude from the curious behavior of our government?

In a related news

The Obama administration has asked Britain, Germany, Australia, and other allies to consider criminal charges against Julian Assange for his Afghan war leaks.


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