Base camp Phoenix : Just 7" rainfall and boat in the backyard!

The reunion of our IIT Bombay batch of ’76 brought some 70-80 families together on the campus. Some of us met after 25 years! We stayed at Raja’s home in Raheja Vihar near Powai and we uses to go up and down between IITB campus and his home.

The reunion had ‘official’ activities like honoring successful IITians, conducted campus and hostel tours, and an inevitable social gathering for letting us and our family members turn into singers, stand up comedians, actors and what not. This was fine. It was interesting to watch those very IITians, who were almost anti-establishment and who would boo down any attempt to lecture them, turning into establishment wallas.  Those former rebels would now meekly surrender to hours of ponderous and pompous lecture (listening) ‘activities’.

The lake

Here in Phoenix, Shashikant  made us feel useful by letting us help him replace the ropes used for tethering his boat. Yes, Shashikant owns a cute boat and has a lake in as his backyard to let it float. The new nylon rope’s ends had to be fused together. Shashikant used a perfumed candle for this, producing a cocktail of a nice fragrance and smell from burning nylon. Later, Shashikant rocked the boat, literally. He also held forth on the excellent water management in Phoenix, proudly telling us about many artificial lakes like the one in the picture. He said that Phoenix, with just 7″ of annual rainfall,  suppplies water to the state of California.


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