Peace at noon and bowled over by maidens in concrete!

The cities of Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, Hamburg and many other cities in Europe have monuments and palaces and other places of great architecture.

I recall a dinner in Strasbourg, France where my German boss and I had gone across for dinner from Karlsruhe in Germany at the behest of our French colleague in Philips. 

Just an hour’s drive and you cross Rheinau into Strasbourg. I recall that a monument had twin towers -one of the tower was not constructed fully. It was intriguingly beautiful. We drank, ate and walked amidst beautiful architecture and on narrow roads and over cute wooden bridges on the canals.

The subject of architecture was farthest from my mind -happy as I was with what was going on.

And I had not even properly comprehended that something special was unfolding.


Shashikant had done his ropes and we had had our second round of teas when we asked Shashikant about things to do in and enroute Grand Canyon.

We talked about visiting Sedona and we wondered if we could visit the observatory at Williams and the meteoric crater too.

While we were folding away the maps, Shashikant asked if we wished to visit a resport inspired by Frank Lloyd. I had heard this name, but that was all. We all felt that this would be nice outing of sorts. So there we were, in the noon’s blazing Arizona sun, at the Arizona Biltmore Resort.
I will not talk about the architecture and I will also not wax eloquent on Frank Lloyd -there are better people to do this. I will just say that this Arizona Biltmore exuded peace and calm even at noon. So much concrete and so much peace noon.

I was completely bowled over by the maidens!


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