Playing our roles

Have you ever felt pangs of loss seeing a long long distance train depart while you are standing and sort of stranded on the platform? I have.

In Thane, we used to hang out on a bridge at Kopri. The bridge crossed the railway tracks and carried water pipeline and the road. The pipeline had a nice tray support running along it. We used to sit on this tray with our legs dangling over the tracks. The speeding trains would cause the bridge and the tray to shudder. This and the thundering sound of the train would give a feeling of a real loss to me.

Phoenix in it’s elements

I have always hated to see off anyone, whether at the airport or at the railway station. You are left behind while the departing person has something to look forward to or take care of.

Heading out of Phoenix

On the eve of our departure Ujjwal cooked a very nice dinner. Just before the dinner, while Raja and I were chatting with Shashikant, I heard Ujjwal reciting ‘Ramaraksha’! Now, I am far far from all such chantings and recitations. But there was something very sincere and earnest in her voice. To listen to Sanskrit shlokas in a land far away from ours was something very special. Ujjwal said that she has been reciting ‘Ramaraksha’ for over thirty five years.

As we readied to leave Phoenix and the Kiranes,I realized that I was not the one to be left behind.

The preparations prior to our departure involved Raja handing me over a bag full of maps and other navigational stuff. I was to be the navigator, Raja would drive, and Kumud would be in the back seat lording over food, water, and us. Kumud had another role to play on the road, no at every stop -constantly disappearing in this or that shop.

All of us played our roles to perfection.


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