Sedona did not seduce until….

There are places like Taj Mahal, Paris, and Rome that capture your mind even before you set your foot there.  But the run up to my US tour was different. Apart from Grand Canyon and Niagara, I had no clue about what to expect. When our tour planning was on, Raja had mentioned Sedona. The name did not mean much to me, so I looked up Sedona.

On road to Sedona

Although I swear by wikipedia, it can be completely unromantic. This is what it has about Sedona:

The windscreen

“Sedona’s main attraction is its stunning array of red sandstone formations, the Red Rocks of Sedona. The formations appear to glow in brilliant orange and red when illuminated by the rising or setting sun. The Red Rocks form a breathtaking backdrop for everything from spiritual pursuits to the hundreds of hiking and mountain biking trails.”

The road to Sedona has some red mounds like the one seen here. I trained my camera on them, little expecting anything like this that sprang up in the windscreen.

This sent me scurrying for my camera and I had to somehow get rid of those unwieldy maps that Raja had gravely shoved in my hands.

Having hurriedly parked our car, we walked amongst these beautiful rocks trying to encase their magnificence in my tiny Canon, under Sedona’s seductive spell.