I feel gagged, do you?

All mainstream media are speaking in one voice against against Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev.

First it was Anna Hazare and now it Ramdev Baba. Everyone in Main stream media is screaming murder. They say a lot of things. Here they are. What appears inside brackets and as slanted text is my comment.

1. This (fasting etc.) is coercive and undemocratic. (Coercive it better be. How else those with vested interests will move their whatever make laws that put them in trouble? Almost everyone who is someone in our country has vested interests in perpetuating the current state of affairs. Undemocratic it is not If you speak against corruption it is very democratic because corruption hurts that majority of poor people.)

2. In a democracy parliament is supreme. It’s role is to make laws. No one else can claim to represent people and insist in drafting laws. (Neat. What did this supreme parliament do about the Lokpal bill for 42 years? Parliament means ruling party and ruling party means one family. In any case no party ever gets a majority of vote share. How is that representative of people? Just because we have first-past-vote winner takes it all system?)

3. There are enough laws to deal with black money. (Why did the ‘people’s sole representatives not use these laws to unearth black money and punish those who made it. The same laws were used to protect those to made merry in the  2G scam. This went on for three years. Same laws are used by Government to say that it is bound by international treaties and can not ask for details of Indians keeping money abroad in tax havens. Who entered into those treaties. And now, how come the government is showing as if it wants to re-negotiate the treaties? If it were not for the coercion would the government have moved even this much? )

4.  PM should not be covered by the Lokpal bill.  (Why not? If the fear is that the Lokpal can also be corrupt and it is not wise to let the Lokpal have such sweeping powers. Well, can’t a PM be corrupt? I am sure a system of checks and balances can be designed to prevent a corrupt Lokpal from running amok. If we can reasonable handle appointment of Supreme Court Judges why not Lokpal?)

5. Baba’s black money figures are all wrong. (Why do want to an exact figure even before any investigation? How can you get an exact figure today? Is this an excuse for not doing anything? There is a big problem of black money of Indians inside and outside country. Several studies have independently come to this conclusion.)

Now even the opposition is refusing to comment on the draft. It says that you did not include us in the process. So why should we? Why should you not -just to soothe your ego? To get even with the Congress? If you are good in politics you will use this opportunity to tear apart Congress’ efforts of stalling everything.

That is main stream media for us. Not surprising because all big and overreaching media entities are owned by business interests. Once upon a time the political parties would influence and brow beat media. Now businesses own them.

One ’eminent’ journalist described those ‘undemocratic’ people as people as ‘people in fancy dress’.

That is main stream media for us. I do not agree with everything that Baba or Anna say or wish for. But where are the other voices?

I feel gagged. Do you?


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