Heaping scorn (gagged)

In this second ‘gagged’ episode, we have some leading lights to deal with. A leading columnist and a powerful man.

A leading columnist, known for forthrightness, writes forcefully in Sunday edition of a leading newspaper. She heaps scorn on Ramdev baba and Anna Hazare for not knowing economics (and still showing temerity of protesting about corruption) and  even audacity of suggesting solutions.

Now who knows his or her economics? Even the biggest names in Economics have to eat their words often. Does our PM know economics? Many will be shocked that I, who knows no economics, shows similar temerity. Let us see this. If our PM knows economics, why has the inflation been such a big problem? And why has black money (the generation and circulation) been such huge problem? If PM knew the ways and still did not act on his knowledge, was it again the coalition politics compulsions of A Raja variety?

The powerful man is really powerful. He heads lots of committees, he is the chief trouble shooter. He can smooth out things. But even he has put his down when it comes to extra-constitutional anti-corruption forces. “Parliament is supreme” , he declares.

OK, if the supreme parliament does  little about the issues of corruption over decades of it’s supremacy, what does one do? Just sing praises of our democracy?

Baba and Anna have undoubtedly overreached in their anger \enthusism\ arrogance \ miscalculation \ not having an organisation \ not having a blue print etc. But does one fault their taking up these issues? They seemed to have stirred our people -albeit temporarily (I hope not). A big achievement.

And pray, why suddenly there is a flurry of activity of talking other governments about tax havens and about a need better provisions in international treaties for plugging tax loop holes? Why our powerful man now has opened a front for diluting or doing away with banking secrecy prevalent all over the world? Our powerful man has also declared that we have enough laws to unearth black money. Neat.

The ‘men in fancy dress’ ( a leading journalist and an influential editor of an influential newspaper used this graphic to ridicule Baba, Anna and others), ‘a thug’, ‘some fascists’ have been protesting too much -why pay attention and start working overtime? Why not just put them behind bars?

Why all this flurry of activity NOW?


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