And you thought that patents are for innovation!

This is not new of course. Business standard used to run a column titled patently absurd. this column mentioned that microsoft had patents for mouse and the scroll bar in a window! Read on and decide for yourself if patents as a system should be our should be not heavily cut down to size. Shared via Dolphin Browser

I for one have tried to move away from ms towards open source. I use linux ubuntu (not windows), thunderbird(not outlook) , openoffice(not ms office). Been on this for over two years I think. If one does like things free (one should not) one can contribute open source through donations.

My shift away from microsoft was made easier by idiotic windows vista.

I use android phone now and moved away from nokia. I am glad that mozilla had announced competition to android. Google might play microsoft.

Big companies the really big ones are worse than insensitive and rapacious governments.

What do you think?


my virtually social life

These days FB composes your social life.

Here is a snapshot of my FB news feed as I write this.

A nice link to a great guitarist -wow I like this. Good start.

One of my friend has commented on a non-friend’s post complaining something. I sympathize but not interested. Why is this there? It has 38 comments and 3 likes.

Another friend of mine whom I have not met for ages is congratulating another non-friend for a (rare) feat. Me unmoved. It has 5 likes and 2 comments.

Another (yet another) friend comments on (yet) another non-friend’s post on the recent England-India test match. I am interested. Great. But I have a totally different opinion. But I don’t know this non-friend and I do not feel free to express myself on this. It has 17 likes and 5 comments. Time to scroll down.

One friend likes another friend’s post and link. OK, good. I am not opposed to this. Democracy.

One friend gives a link to a study in (of) bad design. Nothing much is clear from the post. This might have interested me during the day. But not at 945PM. I may like to see this tomorrow (or perhaps not). Can I set this to show up tomorrow. Some jugaad might do the trick. But I do not have heart. Crossing out this post is possible. It seems too violent. Besides this friend has liked his own post. Scroll.

Yet another friend of mine has posted a heavy post on life. There are 2 likes and 7 comments. The subject is so profound that a simple ‘like’ might seem flippant. There are heavier comments. It is 949 PM now. I want to say ‘grrrr’ but stay calm. And there is no ‘dislike’ button. My dislike would be not for the thought but for the ungodly hour when it hits me.

One of the above friends is out with a PJ. It has 10 likes.

A friend comments on a non-friend’s photo. The photo has 50% blue (reddish) and 50% green(ery). It inspires wow’s and other superlatives. 1 like and 2 comments. Helpless. Down.

And where has that interesting conversation vanished? How do I get to it?

I am grateful  -tonight I do not have my friends’ friends’ pets or family photos greeting me.

I rub my eyes. I should have been more careful about my FB friends. But what are so many non-friends doing here on my (is it mine?) page?

I am glad that I can listen to music of my choice, I can fold away newspaper and put down down a book. I can get up and run. I can sit down and drum away (not at this time). I can drink with my friends (not really, not for quite a while)

Never mind the zero likes and zero comments for these activities.

A theater of black comedy

Read this link if you do believe your eyes (or ears)

Five most stupid things

My comments are in brackets and italics.

“Not an intelligence failure”, “No intel alerts about the blasts” said P Chidambaram. See

(wow! lawyer’s logic!)

“We will stop 99 per cent of the attacks. But one per cent of attacks might get through and that is what I am saying,” said Rahul Gandhi.

(How does he -just an ordinary MP (excuse me for this) -know? – he should have helped with this insider info to Chidambaram. But you must give it to him. He is ready to take over from clueless Manmohan. See Manmohan’s puzzle below)

“Maharashtra crime rate has increased in the last 10 years. Examine from where the people perpetrating the crimes come from. We have blamed police and intelligence enough in all these years, now it is time to check on the migrants,” said Raj Thackeray.

(again: how does he know?)

“India is better than Pakistan where blasts take place every day, every week,” said Digvijay Singh.

(A new benchmark for India, in case you didn’t know)

Digvijay Singh: Can’t rule out hand of Hindu terror outfits.

(He is copying himself. He should be sent to work in ATS to use his talents better)

Terrorists had the advantage of surprise,” said Manmohan Singh.

(We know Manmohan for his profound wisdom of ‘compulsions of coalition politics’ variety. But this is really from the depths of his wisdom.)

The tally does not stop at just five. It goes up like the count of the dead in the attack.

Every leader one who doesn’t know what to do or say : “Mumbai’s resilience again”

P. Chidambaram: Attacks were not aimed at the commercial activities in Mumbai.
(How does he know? There was no intelligence. Attackers have not been arrested yet)

Pranab M: Terrorists can not destabilise India.
(what a confidence! Hallmark of a gritty leader. We are so fortunate for such leadership)

What does one say?
India is a theater of black comedy.