And you thought that patents are for innovation!

This is not new of course. Business standard used to run a column titled patently absurd. this column mentioned that microsoft had patents for mouse and the scroll bar in a window! Read on and decide for yourself if patents as a system should be our should be not heavily cut down to size. Shared via Dolphin Browser

I for one have tried to move away from ms towards open source. I use linux ubuntu (not windows), thunderbird(not outlook) , openoffice(not ms office). Been on this for over two years I think. If one does like things free (one should not) one can contribute open source through donations.

My shift away from microsoft was made easier by idiotic windows vista.

I use android phone now and moved away from nokia. I am glad that mozilla had announced competition to android. Google might play microsoft.

Big companies the really big ones are worse than insensitive and rapacious governments.

What do you think?


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