I never bought an Apple….

I never bought an Apple. IPhones and Macs are cute, lovely and all that. Their quirks, arrogance, and above all Apple’s fanatical control (on what we can do) put me off. That’s why.

On learning about Steve Jobs’ decision to quit as Apple’s CEO, I was looking at a few web pages. I stumbled on Jobs’ quotes:

Here is one, just one

“It’s more fun to be a pirate than to join the navy. ” -Steve Jobs.

There are many. On reading them, I said “May be for this mad man, just for his sake, I should buy an Apple product”. I will.


To Lokpal or Not to Lokpal

It is a simple yes or no question any more. There is a Jan Lokpal, that Anna makes it mandatory to all of us. Since even Arundhati Roy has chosen to write about the Lokpal, I said why not me? 🙂

Frankly I liked Arundhati, the novelist of “God of Small Things”. What a nice novel it was. Since people do not stick around doing what they can do best they go here and and they go there. There goes Arundhati:

I read the article for old times’ (novel) sake. So let me deal with what I went through.

Arundhati on Anna: The title of her article is honest -she writes about the man and not the issue. On the issue of corruption she has nothing really to offer. So she insinuates about Anna’s track record. She rants about the State and somehow aligns Anna with the repressive state. Give me a break. All thunder, no light.

Coming back to the dilemma: Now some MP’s think that even “Jan” Lokpal is not “Jan” enough, so they want ‘weaker’ sections to be represented. Give it to us Indians, how not to think of public good but make sure that (their) private good is taken care.

I had said I support Anna (on the need for Lokpal). The reason was a step, even a baby step is needed to bring a lot of powerful people under some kind of check. I decided that my problems about his lack of any overarching vision should be kept aside. Someone else, aspiring to lead the nation, should provide that vision.

 I have no problem if Anna forces the government to do something. The Supreme Court does it in many areas. There is a lot of sophistry going around, by people like Kapil Sibal, P Chimbaram, Shekhar Gupta (Indian Express), and now joined by Arundhati about the rights and the wrongs of the methods of Anna. The fact is that this ‘democratically’ elected and ‘constitutionally’ constituted government has been doing everything it can do to stall the wheels of justice, helped in no small measure by the laws and the constitution which require ‘permission’ to prosecute a public servant. This permission is to be given by a governor or a president who is ‘bound’ to follow ‘recommendations’ of the ‘democratically’ elected government of which a public servant is a part. Talk about neater arrangements than this.

That’s why Subramaniam Swamy had to go to SC to get the permission to prosecute Raja in the 2G case. Only when the court started hearing the case this ‘democratic’ government was forced to remove Raja.

Therefore something was needed to be done immediately to remove this ‘Catch 22’ in the working of justice. Remember that the ‘supreme’ parliament sat on the Lokpal issue for decades.

After all, whichever Lokpal bill comes, will come through an act of the parliament. So what’s the fuss about the methods of Anna?

As far as the more substantial issues of corruption and it’s prevention are concerned, I will return to them separately.

I will ‘like’ it and ‘twit’ it

The last phase of for the Anna Hazare led anti-corruption agitation, more specifically the Jan Lokpal agitation, seems to have started. The Government and the Hazare camp are signalling a compromise.

It is always boring to read about compromises and negotiations. Public loves a good fight, not hand shakes. Candle marches and twitter \ facebook campaigns will move on to other topics.

Tucked away from the headlines came a small news item -some MPs have started demanding that the Lokpal panel (whenever it is formed) should have ‘adequate representation’ for the ‘weaker’ sections. (:-

If this demand finds a place in any of the multiple drafts circulating now, no political party will dare to oppose it. It must be opposed.

I hope that the Hazare led team snips this demand. If not, I hope twitter and facebook campaigning youngsters will do this.

I will instantly ‘like’ it and ‘twit’ it.

The apple pie

Apple makes a lot from Iphone. Find out how much of the pie apple gets to eat : more than half. Visit the link at the bottom.

The two competitors apple and samsung cooperate. Both gain.

Also read how apple concentrates on what it knows best i.e. product and platform innovation (Itunes, app stores).

A classic case of strategic focus. Very rare to find in a messy world.

A classic case of

Infographic: How Much Does Each Piece of Apple’s iPhone Cost? – Atlantic Mobile

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Facebook and G+

Facebook is like official eavesdropping. You know what your friend’s friend is saying or doing. Eavesdropping because she does not know that you are doing that. Official because Facebook allows it officially through a system of privacy settings that most couldn’t be bothered with.

G+ is neither some computer language nor it stands for a certain “G” that many in politics are reported to be missing (published in media as breaking news not ‘faking news’). It stands for Google+ as over 25 Mn people already know. If you didn’t know read on.

G+ chiefly consists of carefully organised invitee circles in a process of gathering solemnly . It reminds me of those receptions to celebrate my friend’s daughter’s wedding (one wedding and many receptions). All carefully set apart for different circles of invitees. A great idea but it must have involved some heavy lifting. Back to G+. Since it is you that has to do all that organising you either have to arrange and execute multiple wedding receptions, I mean invitee lists and your posts, or you have to allow happy mishmash of your friends, family members, not-so-friends, and acquaintances-that-you-can’t-let-go-of and of course the world.

People being people G+ might resemble facebook-with-difference.

Facebook or G+ – if none of your friends say what she really wants to say you would be cured of both sweet tooth and insomnia.

Healthy people keep spicy stuff within earshot. What!

p.s. ‘she’ stands for both ‘he’ and ‘she’ 🙂