Facebook and G+

Facebook is like official eavesdropping. You know what your friend’s friend is saying or doing. Eavesdropping because she does not know that you are doing that. Official because Facebook allows it officially through a system of privacy settings that most couldn’t be bothered with.

G+ is neither some computer language nor it stands for a certain “G” that many in politics are reported to be missing (published in media as breaking news not ‘faking news’). It stands for Google+ as over 25 Mn people already know. If you didn’t know read on.

G+ chiefly consists of carefully organised invitee circles in a process of gathering solemnly . It reminds me of those receptions to celebrate my friend’s daughter’s wedding (one wedding and many receptions). All carefully set apart for different circles of invitees. A great idea but it must have involved some heavy lifting. Back to G+. Since it is you that has to do all that organising you either have to arrange and execute multiple wedding receptions, I mean invitee lists and your posts, or you have to allow happy mishmash of your friends, family members, not-so-friends, and acquaintances-that-you-can’t-let-go-of and of course the world.

People being people G+ might resemble facebook-with-difference.

Facebook or G+ – if none of your friends say what she really wants to say you would be cured of both sweet tooth and insomnia.

Healthy people keep spicy stuff within earshot. What!

p.s. ‘she’ stands for both ‘he’ and ‘she’ 🙂


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