I will ‘like’ it and ‘twit’ it

The last phase of for the Anna Hazare led anti-corruption agitation, more specifically the Jan Lokpal agitation, seems to have started. The Government and the Hazare camp are signalling a compromise.

It is always boring to read about compromises and negotiations. Public loves a good fight, not hand shakes. Candle marches and twitter \ facebook campaigns will move on to other topics.

Tucked away from the headlines came a small news item -some MPs have started demanding that the Lokpal panel (whenever it is formed) should have ‘adequate representation’ for the ‘weaker’ sections. (:-

If this demand finds a place in any of the multiple drafts circulating now, no political party will dare to oppose it. It must be opposed.

I hope that the Hazare led team snips this demand. If not, I hope twitter and facebook campaigning youngsters will do this.

I will instantly ‘like’ it and ‘twit’ it.


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