Do these straws in the wind point at something?

The straws are:

Salman Khurshid defies the Election Commission. He later apologizes. His point on reservations for minorities was made loud and clear. He got more publicity than he would have otherwise got. He gets away with a mere apology.

Close on his heels, Beni Prasad Varma, says the same thing. On being ‘pulled up’ he says he had forgotten what he had said. Says, he meant no disrespect to EC. His point was also made loud and clear. Again he rode on free publicity for something (minority reservations) which was abhorred by Jawarharlal Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi flouts EC’s directives on routes and also the Section 144 order.

Indian Express reports with copies of agenda of GoM (for tackling corruption). The agenda had an item for curtailing EC’s powers for enforcing the code of conduct. This gets denied by a chorus of Cabinet ministers.

The above relates to the Election Commission.

The Congress Government can’t live with the Supreme Court either.

2 G license cancellation: The government is using stalling tactics. DOT makes a note that it can’t auction spectrum for another 13 months!

The same government dragged it’s feet and refused to do anything to stop licenses being doled out in a scandalous way. It’s ministers mocked the CAG over quantum of losses.

SC lays down a 4 month dead line for allowing or disallowing (with reasons) prosecution of public officials in cases of corruption or misuse of their powers. The government says it can’t adhere that!

Vodaphone ruling -The SC ruling was a clear indictment in the way IT Department works. But the government wants to go in appeal on fictitious grounds.

The King-in-waiting is getting aggressive. The other family people are getting into the act.

Many years back a Congress Prime Minister was unseated by a high court for corrupt electoral practices. The then Congress Government changed the law and clamped down emergency.

Many years back, the then Congress Government changed the  law when it could not accept SC judgment for protecting divorced Muslim women.

The government can’t accept criticism of the ruling family in social media. So it uses some pretext or other to curtail the freedom of expression on the internet. Internet is the only medium available to common man to express opinions -given that other media are controlled by powerful business and political interests.

The Congress Government can’t carry even the allies with it e.g. the proposed National Counter Terrorism Body.

The Congress Government keeps pushing back constitutional bodies and democratic norms. When it retreats, it is just a tactical move.

These are the same people (Congress party) who label others (e.g. BJP) fascist and communal. 

Where do these straws point? Is India headed away, far away from democracy?

Don’t brush this aside. We have an increasingly intolerant society in someone or other gets hurt and in which such hurt overrides someone’s right to express freely. Such a society can be good base for an authoritarian regime.

Tailpiece: If Congress improves it’s tally in UP (it looks like it will) you can say that it is through corrupt electoral practices. Will the EC move against Congress then? Or it will merely focus on Raj Thakare?