At an unspeakable age :)

I don’t recall that I could ever run well. Despite having good stamina, I couldn’t run any long distance  properly,  even as teenager. Later in my forties, when I started exercising again through gym and aerobics, I made some more attempts at running. I would run one or two kilometers for few days and I would either get knee pain or pain in the arches of my feet. Eventually, I would give up running.

Now at an unspeakable age, I run 10K+ on weekly basis with few short runs of 3 or 4 Kms  thrown in on weekdays.  Here is My running log of recent months after I acquired a Garmin GPS and HRM.

It does feel good.

This story is for us, who carry some urge within us, so that we don’t give in and give ourselves up.


war and peace, huh

A Vietnam war  (for those who came in late, it was a war that the US waged far away from it’s soil and it had no business to do so..but that is another point) victim who was a 9 year old girl then is 40 years now.

Read her story

fads, fashion n facebook

So you have friended your parents, uncles, and aunts. You have made ‘family’ and ‘close friends’ lists. 

What next? Constantly look over your shoulders and fret, to share or not, your otherwise innocuous post with ‘them’ ?

If your dad’s friends or worse, your mom’s friends start popping up in your hangouts, you just change your hangout. Isn’t it?

As long as you have your real friends with in the new hangouts, who cares about hundreds of those fb friends?

That place is not cool any more.

fb seems to be like that old hangout.  Look here 

fb not just has to face up to the adult world of sullen investors , but it also has to deal with new teens who wouldn’t want anything to do with it.