At an unspeakable age :)

I don’t recall that I could ever run well. Despite having good stamina, I couldn’t run any long distance  properly,  even as teenager. Later in my forties, when I started exercising again through gym and aerobics, I made some more attempts at running. I would run one or two kilometers for few days and I would either get knee pain or pain in the arches of my feet. Eventually, I would give up running.

Now at an unspeakable age, I run 10K+ on weekly basis with few short runs of 3 or 4 Kms  thrown in on weekdays.  Here is My running log of recent months after I acquired a Garmin GPS and HRM.

It does feel good.

This story is for us, who carry some urge within us, so that we don’t give in and give ourselves up.


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