What is the real game behind cash transfer?

Cash transfer is the new game changing game by the congress. Read my blog post

Today, SL Rao has written in the Financial Express


Direct cash transfers by themselves will do little. The Aadhar project is ambitious and unique. It will take time for the country to be covered.

There must be foolproof identification of desired beneficiaries. For reducing waste and theft in subsidies and help to the poor, an easily accessible ATM-type bank network must be in place. Mere cash transfers without a supporting banking system and means for identifying target beneficiaries will take us nowhere. Village power-hierarchies of caste and community must not come in the way. Social audits must be by trained people with immediate resultant actions.


Full article is at


The real game is to tell people that the Congress is the benefactor and that Congress people can decide who gets the cash.

Read this as well http://buff.ly/UuW0WQ


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