Thinking of running, when not running..

A week has gone and I haven’t run. After the last Thursday’s 10K in the hills,Image

I took it easy till Saturday and was looking forward to long run on Sunday with #punerunning. I woke early on Sunday to find a sore throat. So said sorry to myself and #punerunning and decided to skip. It is Wednesday now and haven’t been able to run since my nose is doing that now 🙂

While thinking of running, when not running I found this

A nice thought on shoes. So my experiment with Lottos have a echo here. And an echo for my thoughts of using flipflops (do get those classics anymore?) and somehow putting an ankle strap on them and run!

All this, not withstanding my pair of Luna sandals!

Looks like I am fussing too much about these unshoes -I should just sling them over my back and just run. Hopefully I running more gently as compared a year back when got three blisters each on my soles 🙂 I hope so.


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