Good Morning!

Tuesday morning.  Eager I was for a short run after the Sunday’s half marathon, I headed out on the road. I must thank Guss, our Leap of Faith coach, for introducing this idea of a ‘recovery’ run. For end of May, it wasn’t bad. The roads Imagewere still filling in, the Sun was still benign, and it was cool in the shaded lanes between the Ferguson Road and the J M Road. The Sunday run had turned out to be more difficult than I had thought and more difficult than the timing of 2 hr 43 min would suggest. I wanted to have a chat with my body. What better way than to let it take a lead and to follow what it was doing? Only thing I did was to get into a good running form and keep checking it. It was a smooth and relaxing run of thirty minutes. For the first time, I sensed that I ran real recovery run.  I finished the run with a chai at tapri.

When I left for work, I was just happy. It really was a good morning!


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