The Congress people are rubbing their hands in glee!

The congress people are gloating, offering sympathies to LKA, and generally displaying superior airs. Let them, after all they badly needed a break or two from a scandal a day performance and the stuttering economy. They have had this from IPL spot fixing and now from the BJP. Their glee might just give way to grim expressions.

LKA brought BJP from near extinction to being the largest party in the parliament on the back of a carefully crafted Ayodhya campaign. Whatever his and the BJP’s critiques might say there was no alternative for the BJP or LKA,  since the congress had been setting political agenda in terms of minority fear mongering, caste based reservation, discrimination of every sort and so on. The ‘religious’ agenda of the BJP was born out this compulsion. 

But that was then in  the 1990’s. Today’s situation has created an entirely different kind of leadership vacuum. The government does not work. And when it works it works to favor the chosen few. The economy has been on a dangerous slide under the watch of  ‘renowned’ economist. The government money (public money) is being squandered under the guise of ‘inclusive’ development and used for lining the pockets of middlemen loyal to the party in power. And now you have a huge class of the young who can read and write and who can ‘aspire’ for better things -quite unlike their parents in the 1990.

Modi has found a solid connection with this space and the current vacuum and comes with a tremendous track record of a government that works.  This is what the first and second time voters want. They don’t care about communalism rhetoric as long as they can get on with improving their lives. They know their lives can only be improved through education, job skills, and working hard. They know this will not come through doles, sops, reservations, and dividing a stagnant pool of wealth and through ‘connections’. That route is only for few. 

Modi offers precisely what the young want. Put down your glasses tinted with the color of 2002 and look at his work and read his views to understand Modi’s connection and what he can offer. Even the otherwise hopelessly insulated RSS saw this. Other BJP leaders were forced to see this. It is tragic that the great LKA is looking in past. I am not talking about his age. I am saying he is a man with old and useless ideas. Instead of gracefully stepping aside, he has chosen to sulk and then vent his feelings. 

As far as the public infighting in the BJP is concerned, it is still better than congress’ dynastic ‘ unity. One of the BJP member put it succinctly -Modi has won the primaries in the BJP.  I agree.  

A Modi unencumbered with old ideas and people holding such ideas is a big bad news for the congress. I am fairly convinced that it will a good news for the public.


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