If you can’t see beyond 2002, try to see before it

There are many ‘people like us’ (well meaning, heart in right place…) who get blinded by 2002 when it comes to Narendra Modi (#namo). Surjit Bhalla has come to their help.

Read http://www.indianexpress.com/news/tell-me-i-am-mad/1132235/0 in today’s Indian Express. Surjeet Bhalla, like Tavleen Singh is no RSS or BJP sympathizer. I don’t agree with all that they write, but that is not the point.

The point is that this thing called as ‘secularism’ is a sham. Just as “Garibi Hatao’, ‘Inclusive development’ etc of Congress have been shams of Himalayan proportions. These shams of the Congress get exploited routinely by the likes of Lalu and now Nitish has joined the bandwagon.

To 2002, 1993, and 1984 I will add the diabolical creation of Bhindranwale by Indira Gandhi and fishing in troubled waters of Sri Lankan politics by Rajeev Gandhi. Both of these led a massive number of killings for years and decades of which no one has any count.

To my mind, the only thing that perhaps eclipses all the above put together  were the massacres of partition in 1947 killing millions of Hindus and Muslims and which happened under the watch of Nehru led Congress Government.

Manohar Parrikar has rightly termed 2002 as ‘governance failure’. It is getting investigated by SC directed teams and courts but just one man is being vilified by activists and media and ‘people like us’ without any evidence after ten years of witch hunt. Let the investigation continue. But let us also open our eyes to what the Congress has been up to. Let us also give a fair chance to Modi. For our sake.


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