Is Design Too Dangerous to Teach?

I found this on Linkedin . (you will probably need linkedin sign in) .

The text within the brackets, the emphasis through inverted commas, the capitalization are all mine. 

The article talks about an ‘experiment’ done some time in future. So, it is a thought experiment. The ‘experiment’ is on ‘extremists, terrorists, and other such dangerous people’ and is for teaching them design thinking in a world getting ‘increasingly’ complex and dangerous due to massively interconnected people and machines.

Of course as is their wont, the researchers have a control group of  ‘extremists, terrorists, and other such dangerous people’ who are NOT taught Design Thinking.

It goes like this: The untaught people continue to be dangerous. The taught people find reasons to live through ‘learning craft of producing real things for others and not themselves’ rather than reasons for dying (for a cause).  And the taught people also learn means (skills) of providing for themselves, their families, and their communities. And then there is (subtle at first) shift in their tendencies which gets disguised (for a while) as noise until an alert researcher (who is sensitive as feather swaying in breeze) alerts the writer.

(How painfully realistic, the experiment)

OK, I have just given the thrust of the article.  You can read it in full and come to your own conclusions.

My take:

If extremists, terrorists, and such people are to change through ideas, story boarding, prototyping, and failures they might also change through good old education which incidentally includes all these and more.

Some of them might also change through good literature and movies and music given the right ‘environment’. Even here there will have to be a deterrence of law and order enforcement.

This is what I heard from a linguist a long long time back  -lack of linguistic skills (communication skills and vocabulary is my crude interpretation) is behind ‘this’ inability to think well.

I agree with this also. 

The only problem I have with all the above ideas is the implicit assumption that ‘extremists, terrorists, and other such dangerous people’ lack ‘Design Thinking’ !




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