The leaked report on V K Singh

I have been looking for some text of the leaked report on  V K Singh. It is always difficult to find what exactly happened when a controversy rages. But it is worth taking efforts.

So I stumbled on this article

Here is an excerpt from the above article

“Using the same underhand methods that they had used in April 2012 against the General (who was then the Army chief), the UPA agent provocateurs planted a story in the Indian Express (which published it on Friday) that the good General, when he was chief, had used Army funds to try and topple, if you please, the J&K Government of Omar Abdullah. Supposedly, the new Chief, Bikram Singh (who had taken over from VKS) and his team have been looking at this episode and a ‘report’ has allegedly been submitted to the Defence Ministry. Now, why would the Army chief try to topple Omar baba’s piggy bank, and that too with an operating budget of a little more than Rs 1 crore? Clearly, the Keystone cops in Akbar Road and Janpath have an extremely poor opinion of the IQ level of the Indian public.”

That the #congress government can stoop to any degree is not new. But putting national security to risk always shocks. 

But why should the central government target a retired general? Because, he shared dais with #Modi in a public rally in Haryana which drew big support of ex-service men and their families. (Haryana accounts for major proportion of army’s recruitment)

So, discredit the general -was Congress’ response. Calling names is its time tested strategy. This has worked beautifully in India since independence. Despite a sustained vilification campaign, use of CBI and NIA, and deployment of paid media for over a decade, the Congress couldn’t do anything to stop Modi’s ascent to the national stage. His nomination as PM candidate and his huge public rallies have rattled congress. Discredit Modi campaign is now backfiring, because it gives him constant visibility, putting off people who now see Congress’ failure in running a working government in stark contrast. So discredit those who are with him is another strategy.

But Congress is endangering national security by politicizing armed forces and leaking and coloring the forces’ secret operations for its own gains. Armed forces and secret service agencies like intelligence agencies have secret operations. All countries do it. India has been doing it to protect itself.

There must be much much more to the use of secret funds. That is another subject.

I think congress has seriously miscalculated in going for this leak. Just as it miscalculated in the case of Convicted Politician Disqualification Ordinance. It brought unparalleled ridicule to its undeclared but very apparent PM candidate and the current family loyal PM .

This election seems to be upturning many established ‘theories’. But our biggest concern must be the huge collateral damage this tottering government and a desperate congress will do to us. 

Congress can go any to extent stay in power and to promote a family. I don’t wish to think of such scenarios.

The elections must be called now. 


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