Waiting with baited breath, for the next one….

There is no doubt about his mufti-faceted talents. Talking about #RaGa Baba.
The statement below shows his scientific bent of mind and his managerial aptitude.
1. “99% of terror attacks have been stopped, but we must aim at stopping 100%.”
A truly reflective state of mind. Also reveals his openness.
2. ”People call us an elephant.. We are not an elephant.. we are a beehive.. it’s funny but think about it. Which is more powerful? an elephant or a beehive?”
Maan…the man is spiritual.
3. “Poverty is just a state of mind. It does not mean scarcity of food, money or material things. If one possesses self-confidence then we can overcome poverty.”
This came after he was made the Congress VP. Albert Camus (who wrote “The Outsider” ) would have been impressed.
4. “It (Congress) is a funny party. It is the largest political organization in the world but perhaps does not have a single rule or regulation. We create new rules every two minutes and then dump them. Nobody knows the rules in the party”
This shows his modeling (computer modeling type; not the ramp type) skills
5. “If India is a computer, Congress is its default programme.”
About the BJP. For once he was prosaic. It was intentional.
6. “It is shining in their houses and air-conditioned cars but not in villages”
What was he thinking? The man does have original ideas.
7. “India is going to be the 21st century’s Saudi Arabia in terms of human resources”
The strategist who does SWOT(Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis is seriously at work here.
8. “Although there was evidence of some support for Laskar-e-Taiba among certain elements in India’s indigenous Muslim community, the bigger threat may be the growth of radicalised Hindu groups, which create religious tensions and political confrontations with the Muslim community.”
This is a great ‘wake up’ call. This had me frantically emptying my pockets. 
9. “Politics is everywhere.. it is in your shirt.. in your pants.. everywhere.”
Shows the man’s great connect with the young Punjabis 
10. “Seven out of 10 youths in Punjab have a drug problem.”
He undoubtedly has Design as his language.
11. “All the public systems – administration, justice, education and political are designed to keep people with knowledge out. Such a system promotes mediocrity.”
The modeling (not the ramp type) skills shine again. Also shows that he acutely aware of the reality
12. “Dalit community ‘needs the escape velocity of Jupiter’ to achieve success.”
The man is fearless!
13. “My opinion of the ordinance is that it’s complete nonsense and that it should be torn up and thrown out.”
And look at his softer side. 
14. “My mother (Congress President Sonia Gandhi) told me the words I used were wrong. In hindsight, may be the words I used were strong but the sentiment was not wrong. I am young….”
Aren’t you dazzled? 
The commentary is mine. To be able to write such a commentary is one of the perks of a desktop \ palmtop journo.
The quotes (what appears between ” ” ) are from firstpost.com

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