What will be Narendra Modi’s agenda? Toilets, not temples?

You go to Gujarat and check out his work instead of relying on propaganda of both sides. I saw in Ahmedabad, a well constructed BRTS and a clean Sabarmati’s river front. We have made a mess of both things in Pune.  But at this point of time, I am not going to talk about what Modi has done in Gujarat. That’s because we should be more concerned with what he has in mind for India. 

His ‘toilets more important than temples’ remark drew expected reactions.  But so sold out are our media, intellectuals, and politicians to canards and lies spread by the Congress that no one is talking about one of the most significant speech that Modi gave at the Global Meet of Emerging Markets Forum. 

So here are some excerpts:

The topic was ‘Effective Governance in Democracy: The Gujarat Experience.’

Democracy has made lives of the people in a number of countries much better. It is a self-correcting system. There are internal controls in it. A democracy has the process and possibility to raise people’s voices. … for vast countries like India there cannot be a better model of governance than democracy…. he cautioned against a possible disconnect between the people and the government after the elections are over. “

He mentioned five areas where democracy must be taken ahead:

“First is enhancing the level of harmony.”

“Second comes enhancing the level of participation. He called for moving beyond representation to participation” 

“Third is enhancing the level of information. In this regard he said, “This is the age of information. Governments cannot run from secret files, that time is gone. Democracy must be policy driven and the common man and woman must know what is happening.” 

“The fourth sphere is enhancing levels of institutionalization. Modi said that ideas live longer when they are institutionalized and talked about decentralization. “

“Fifth comes enhancing our capacity to listen. He pointed that in a democracy listening to the people is a must.”

You can find more here http://www.narendramodi.in/there-cannot-be-a-better-model-of-governance-than-democracy/ Unfortunately most the media reporting is scattered so I have to give you link to his page.

If you don’t ‘like’ to visit Modi’s page above, you can read a commentary on his speech by A K Bhattacharya in today’s (Oct 16, 2013) Business Standard , page 9 (I don’t have a link. Read e-paper). Since Bhattacharya sounds secular (he couldn’t consider his article as complete without reference to 2002 and Jairam Ramesh),  you may not have problem in reading his piece.

In my opinion, Modi’s thoughts mentioned above are excellent. To my mind no politician has articulated what India needs so well.  There are no sops, no alms, no handouts…. what a refreshing difference as compared to Congress and the likes and unfortunately, even the BJP who kept responding to Congress agenda….

If we have to dump the vile, corrupt, incompetent, and the arrogant Congress \UPA regime,  Modi gives us excellent choice.  I have a sense that he will not have any problem in taking BJP’s core cadre with him. Those people (BJP’s traditional supporters) are not as mad or Jehadi’s as some of us might think. BJP’s other leaders will also support Modi in the above ideas. And ignore Togadias and Singhals.  

I have a sense that a large number first time voters will also go with him. Modi is my choice for the coming elections. I hope it will be yours too. 


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