The (newer) religions -1

There are ancient religions like Hindu, Islam, Christian, Buddha…But with advent of science and technology new religions started spawning.

Socialism came upon us following industrial revolution. Whatever leads to mass killings qualifies as a religion.  Socialism led to bloody revolutions in many countries. But the youth of at least one generation was very much enamored  of socialism. Compared to socialism, capitalism remains a small sect or cult if you if you go by the number of people swearing by it.  But in its effects capitalism is by no means less violent – do include exploiting people through profiteering by any means, wanton destruction of ecology, coercive labor practices, runaway and wasteful consumption, and causing and abetting ‘lifestyle’ linked diseases in your definition of violence.

In theory, socialism aims to achieve larger public good. In practice its effects are quite similar to capitalism. A communist China is a hugely polluting economy and it can give  the capitalist countries a tough competition in this regard.

In capitalist  economies economic and political power is in the hands of a few private groups (elected governments get hugely influenced by private parties). In socialistic economies power is concentrated in hands of a monopoly political party.  So you are essentially making a choice of who is going to exploit you.

In both cases the ‘religion’ is exploited by a few for private good. In this regard the new religions are not much different as compared to the ancient ones.

The new religions are different compared to the ancient ones at least in one aspect. The  followers of socialism can simultaneously practice capitalism without any fuss.  And the capitalists can fluently practice socialism by distributing a (small) part of their wealth under charity, giving back to society, corporate social responsibility etc.

‘So what? ‘ you might ask.  Right. But I don’t have to end every post with conclusions. Right?

#religion #ecology, #socialism  #capitalism #power


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