Kumbhpur rising: go, grab, and read it!

A good read is as good a reason as any to return to my blog.

A curiously titled, ‘Kumbhpur Rising’, is such a reason. It is a thriller with a beautifully constructed plot and some well etched memorable characters. This alone is a rare combination in thrillers these days. The novel is novel for several other reasons.

Here, the natural morphs into super-natural, familiar into eerily familiar but quite other worldly, the dead into the undead and back. You then give up keeping track and simply hurtle down the plot. 

Set amid familiar tracts of the Konkan coast which is any way is a region replete with tales of the unseen but felt and lived through stories.  All these are but cannon fodder for Mayuresh, for he invests his dead and the undead characters with human and superhuman faculties and (thankfully) frailties.

He makes you believe in things which you otherwise wouldn’t and he makes you like people whom you would never admit to liking. 

Although the familiar Mayuresh (he is a friend) peeps occasionally from behind the curtains,  the  master story teller, that he is, stays firmly in control. 

If you haven’t got the  Kumbhpur Rising yet, I say that go and grab a copy and read it!


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