Of ‘Hindu fundamentalists, fanatics’ and ‘libel’ers

The Hindu, by Wendy Doniger has been withdrawn by its publisher, Penguin India. It has not been banned by courts. Penguin has reached an out of court settlement with petitioners who sought a ban.

But no one has banned the book. The publishers have withdrawn it. 

The reactions from the so called ‘liberals’ have been predictable. Mrs. Roy is horrified. Now she wouldn’t consider Penguin for publishing her work.

And the ‘liberals’ have called the petitioners as Hindu fanatics and Hindu fundamentalists.  Never mind that they themselves say that fanaticism, terrorism and such things have no religion when such acts are done by Muslim maulvis or other Muslim groups. And do these Muslim groups produce any reasoned petition for their cause? No. They issue a fatwa.

Read the petition here http://www.firstpost.com/living/full-text-the-petition-that-caused-penguin-india-to-withdraw-the-hindus-1383911.html and decide for yourself if the petitioners are fanatic.

I have read the book. The author’s bias against RSS and BJP is evident. Yet the book is a good reference source with some doubts. The doubts arise because the petition rebuts some ‘facts’ by giving point by point responses. 

The book should be around in book shops. Also the the text of petition should have been there side by side! 

But no. Our ‘liberals’ are glad because they get to play their favorite game of libel against Hindu groups. 

Wouldn’t you call our liberals as libelers ?


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