How many king makers and ransom seekers should we tolerate?

Jayalalitha decides to set free Raveev’s killers. SC commutes their death sentence into life term and Jaya swings into action and plays what she thinks is her political ace to demolish her local foe Karuna. Obviously, she must be taking a very dim view of TN voting public’s sense of justice.

Whatever her calculations, our media which are run as mere businesses will not look at this angle: regional bosses having nothing much to loose outside their states don’t give a sxxt about repercussions of their actions to India as a whole. They have no stakes to play other than chief ministerships and 20-30-40 MPs which allow them to hold central governments to ransom for political gains or use them as shields for their corrupt practices. And if they get to be a PM of coalition then why not, they think.

Don’t forget Karuna dictating foreign policy, Mamata’s tantrums and arbitrary fiats, Mulayam’s and Mayavati’s somersaults, Lalu’s glacial foddar scam trial and Jungle raj, foisting of A Raja as a telecom minister on an unwilling and powerless Manmohan,  NCP’s irrigation scam under the watch of its leaders’ able protection and communists’ (a regional party too) blockades of all decision making and Nitish’s wranglings with center. The list is quite long and we haven’t even assessed the damage caused by such PM makers.

Our intellectuals and liberals and paid media who have shouting power well beyond their credibility will celebrate such ‘regional aspirations’ as ‘dance of democracy’, as ‘triumph of federalism’.

They have their own selfish reasons for not worrying about dangerous acts like setting killers free and other equally damaging acts of distorting all economic and political decision making under the influence regional forces.

M J Akbar is one of the few who recognize this danger. He calls coalitions as “Ravanas” (see

You and me don’t have the same reasons as the paid media and liberals and intellectuals with enormous shouting power have. We have stakes in our country being run well and in our policies which should be for public good. Therefore we need to be very careful in choosing our next government.

We are not what Jaya thinks we are. Are we?

Do we want another kingmaker, another PM aspirant?


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