Pucca Rumor: AK sets another trend, ends it too

After AK’s homage to leading RTI activists who are alive**, there is growing trend of king maker aspirants paying tributes to their very much living counterparts. They are busy sending out obituary notes to media.  Lalu wrote on Nitish, Nitish on Mamata. Mamata on Jaya, Jaya on Karuna, Karuna on PC, PC on Pranab (that was an obvious slip  of tongue by PC) , Mulayam on Mayawati,  Mayawati on Sharad. The breaking news guys are delirious with joy and exhaustion. But even they were not prepared when AK paid rich tributes to AK, speaking of himself in third person and not being able to come up with any other  worthy name.

** see http://indianexpress.com/article/india/india-others/aap-gaffe-three-rti-activists-whom-arvind-kejriwal-paid-homage-are-alive/?SocialMedia

Disclaimer: This post is classified as a rumor. Any resemblances to real people are pure rumors themselves.