Not Just the End Game, Something Else is On. Ask the President to intervene.

Looks like the end game is on. But something else is on.

The Congress (government) in Assam talks of arming the Muslims. Its leaders describe Modi as Hitler resonating well with the so called seculars describing 2002 Gujarat riots as ‘genocide’. Congress leaders ask Muslim’s to vote for itself so as to ‘protect’ them from Modi.

And now Rahul is at it again. The BJP has approached the Election Commission ( EC) seeking action against Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi for his “highly provocative” statement that 22,000 people will be killed in the country if Narendra Modi becomes prime minister. Read more at:
See this

The BJP should stop looking at the EC. It will not lift a finger against Rahul.

Will there will be attempts to foment trouble for Modi, if he becomes a Prime Minister, by instigating communal riots?

The BJP should ask the President of India, as the Supreme Commander of Armed Forces and as the Constitutional Head to intervene. The President needs to use his extra-ordinary powers to alert the Defense Forces, the Para Military Forces and Police to take preventive actions and round up all trouble makers for good. Even the Congress must join BJP in this.

Will the President of India act now, as only he can, so that the transition is not used by anyone to create trouble for Indians.


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