“Those who are against Modi”

Those who are against Modi are saying Modi is bad, because we say so. Never mind the facts, because we say so. They don’t need evidence. They talk about fascism but their this very attitude is intolerant. 

Somehow they turn sweet and indulgent when it comes to Congress policies of squandering public money for party and personal gains, its religion and caste based politics, its cynical support of extremist elements in Punjab, Kashmir, and Srilanka, its neglect of defense preparedness, its disastrous economic policies full of discretionary powers leading to corruption, its failed governance and its emergency and even recent instances of controlling social media. They don’t have any problem with Maoist insurgency which has taken out large tracts of India’s territory out Indian State’s ambit. For them it is just a development issue.

Modi and BJP are the only ones who are asking votes for development and governance. Those who oppose him just badmouth him -very much a Congress culture.


Let’s hope the Congress government gets thrown out in this election and that Modi, BJP, and NDA get a chance to put India on path of progress reversing the damage done by the Congress controlled by the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty.


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