Next week by Friday the 16th

By this time, one week from now, we will have known the results of the elections.

Congress, SP, BSP, Communists, TMC, DMK, AIDMK, and almost the entire political class barring the BJP will be happy to have fractured mandate. AAP will be mighty pleased too. Since they claim to be all saints I didn’t include them in the political class. All these are fighting this election not for winning and forming a good stable government but for stopping Modi from forming government.

There is another group which will be pleased as punch in the above scenario: the journalists.  editors, interviewers and the anchors of main stream media. They will have field days and good lives propounding their pet theories about the idea of India and the wisdom of the Indian electorate.

All of the above have been behaving so recklessly that it appears  that they have no stake in India’s good. Their own interests seem to be running in opposite direction of what is good for India and its people.

One more group will be happy with a fractured mandate. These are sections of the educated class who have been brought up on the intellectual diet of British legacy, western thought and  newspapers like TOI and TV news channels. They have no personal  vested interest in a fractured mandate but they are just stuck with what they have been taught.

Fortunately, there is a large large mass of people who  need means of livelihood and who dream of better life. They have stakes in India’s future unlike the above groups.

I hope that they have voted in large numbers overruling all the above groups. I hope.

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