The Indian Voter’s Wisdom

The wisdom of Indian electorate is well celebrated. After every election the Indian voter is felicitated for her wisdom and maturity and all that.

I have always been confounded by such stuff appearing in media. It may not be just a coincidence that one never hears such praise in private conversations and one reads or hears such praise for the Indian voter only in media.

Therefore I thought that I should express what I feel about the subject before the election results are out. I don’t think the Indian voter is wise. I know we have a huge number of corrupt politicians. But I think we all Indian citizens are corrupt in the sense that we can be bought over by appeals on the basis of religion, caste, language, ethnicity, or some other ways of ‘categorizing’ people. We can be purchased through sops, doles, or holidays -not to speak of liquor and cash. We break all laws with impunity and even take pride in our ‘jugaad’ while doing this. 

We are the people who have venerated an arrogant dynasty for sixty years. We are still a very feudal society. We are still very very intolerant -more intolerant than we were twenty or thirty years back. We can blame ‘all politicians and all political parties’ as the AAP propagates but the fact is the that we the people are corrupt. We are cause as much as we the victims. But today we believe that we are the victims.

Therefore I am saying that the Indian voter is not mature at all. I will say this even if Modi’s BJP wins this election and forms the next government at center and I wish that Modi’s BJP gets a good mandate, I believe that his government and his party will set right some of what is wrong with us (as I have mentioned here).  Modi &  BJP’s success, if it happens, will not be because we don’t have the shortcomings that I am talking of. It will be probably because those who have stake in a better India (the young job seekers, the new middle class) are desperate for change and because Modi gave them a credible alternative. I will of course say this if it fails to get a good mandate and the dreams of the likes of SG, RG, Lalu, Nitish, Mulayam, AK of becoming kingmaker or top ransom seeker come true.

The fact that most political parties, particularly Congress and its mutants like NCP, SP, BSP, RJD, TMC continue to form their electoral strategies on the basis of religion and castes and the fact that the media continues to give currency to this proves what I am saying. They take a very dim view of the Indian Voter -of you and me. 

I will believe in the maturity of the Indian Voter only if I don’t come across the above kind of ‘discussions’ in the media.

What do you say?


2 thoughts on “The Indian Voter’s Wisdom

  1. i say that we the people who voted for Modi too are corrupt then! He’s made promises too just as the others. thats what ‘coming into power”process js all about-everyone makes these statements . whats the solution?whether Modi and his governnment set some of of the things that are wrong with us right ,remains to be seen. Until then lets look forward to a process that may bring about change.If nothing ELSE , at least this time people are ‘thinking’ who they’d like as their leader……………


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