The imponderables -an update

I was happily wrong in my exit poll interpretation. NDA got 334 instead 300 to 314 that I thought it might get.

I was also wrong about the impact of poll rigging, voter list mismanagement and the partisan EC. In final analysis it did not matter.

But this subject must be investigated and the problems in the processes and wrong doings by people must be exposed and they should be made to account for them. Since the courts generally don’t intervene in electoral process this is going to be difficult. The entire process of voter registration, deletion, and additions is vitiated by lack of openness (putting things up on non working \ non searchable web sites is not openness) and accountability and lack of natural justice. If my name is removed from the list do I have the right to be notified and heard or not? If I apply properly,  who is accountable if I don’t get myself in the list of voters? This is further compounded by issuing of AADHAR cards to illegal immigrants into the country. I hope that Modi Government fixes this properly otherwise the secular and liberal agents of congress have all the time now to go on stuffing voter lists with illegal immigrants and this could be a swing factor in a tight election without any big wave.

Third unknown: What might congress do when its defeat is official. Congress are terrible losers. They don’t spare even their own  CMs. They have a history of causing riots to pull down their internal rivals. They can go to any extent to further their own careers. They might instigate riots. With likes of Mani Ayyer issuing ‘call to arms’ this fear is certainly a valid fear. This is a huge issue. I hope that new government has the wherewithal to preempt such threats.

The fourth: Since Congress controls the paid media and the paid intellectuals,  they will battle Modi through media  powered outright lies,  insinuations, and constant stream of abuse and we know that people are gullible. This is playing out with the likes of Shekhar Guptas and Vinod Mehta moaning about no Muslim MP in BJP and stuff like that. These people have established themselves in the media bazar of India. We need solution to overcome the stranglehold of the paid media \ newstrader business.



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