Main Stream Media -biggest hurdle to the freedom of expression

In order to express yourself you need to form opinions or to have questions. In order to form opinions or to ask questions you need information. If you don’t have information or you have disinformation provided by media controlled by business or other vested interests conflicting with availability of correct information, your ability to form opinions or ask questions gets severely afflicted. Worse, you don’t even know that you have been gagged.

This is precisely what has been happening under the Congress rule of six decades through the media -mainly the so called main stream (means English) media. So we have been fed with a Congress version of history in which everybody other than Nehru-Gandhi has been reduced to non-entity whether it is about the freedom struggle or about Prime Ministers outside the family are concerned. See the fate of Narasimha Rao. And we have hundreds of government schemes and roads named after the Gandhis (non-Mahatma).

The role of media and some individuals who call themselves liberals in fanning communal trouble post burning of Sabarmati passengers is coming to light.

The Media and intellectuals in Congress’ eco-system have  been subverting public opinion for generations now and tfor this reason Congress rule took so long to get dislodged. It took the Narendra Modi, the BJP & RSS cadres, and spirited social media activists to create a public opinion for change and consolidate into a vote for the NDA.

But we are not going to have all above factors in place in our daily task of forming and expressing opinions because the stranglehold of the main stream media is still there. Look at these recent ‘free’ media ‘facts’

-Not a single Muslim MP in BJP

-OBCs get only Minister of State posts while upper castes get cabinet ranks in (Modi Cabinet)

-East gets left out of Cabinet, North & West rule

The above kind of ‘factual;’ statements insinuate that BJP did not give tickets to Muslims for being Muslims and Modi made OBCs Ministers of State because they are OBCs and Modi left out East people from ministries because they are from East.

This insidious and poisonous thinking is the legacy of the Congress and most the media will continue in the same vein for their own reasons.

As Citizens we need ways to wean ourselves from the bad information diet supplied by the  above kind of media. We also need means to get access to facts  and express our opinions. We need to wake up to this silent gagging. Otherwise our opinions and expressions will get manipulated by the vested interests.



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