#MMM the Conflict Entrepreneurs! Modi Muslims and Media

Kishwar’s book) starts with a phrase coined by Mahesh Bhatt : ‘Conflict Entrepreneurs’. Some Conflict Entrepreneurs love conflicts -like war industries who need wars to survive. To thrive, war industries promote wars. Much of Africa’s internal strife is not internal at all, it is caused by war industry.

MMM gives many examples of India’s Conflict Entrepreneurs. These come mainly from the Congress and media and intellectual patronized by it. As a Muslim Entrepreneur starts opening his heart and tells his story one is reminded:

The worst riots in post-partition India happened in Ahmadabad of 1969. Over 5000 Muslims were killed in a massacre triggered by an incident involving a cow. Who was the Chief Minister then? Congress’ Hitendrabhai Desai. To paraphrase Salim Khan’s question: Does anyone remember this CM? Did the global cop US put sanctions on him like it did for Modi? No. Indira was the PM then. 

Coming to the 2002 riots, it was not BJP or VHP vs Muslims. Many Congress workers were equally involved. The above Muslim  Entrepreneur personally knows many congressmen who took active part in the riots. There were lots of congressmen outside Ehsan Jafri’s house. Those found guilty of murders in Gulberg Society include congress workers. Most notable among these Congress’s Conflict Entrepreneurs was Himmat Singh Patel, the mayor of Ahmadabad then. He escaped punishment because Teesta will never name him just like she suppressed evidence collected by her right hand Rais Khan. Rasi Khan has said that she released only VHP \ Bajarang Dal \ BJP people’s photographs but suppressed  those which  implicate congressmen and those showing Muslim mobs attacking Hindus. Coming back to Himmat Singh Patel, The Mayor’s AMC demolished an 18th century mausoleum Waki Dakhani overnight taking advantage of the riots in which it was vandalized. It built a road there.  According to the above Muslim businessman Wali Dkhani was no less important than the Babri Masjid. He also said the Babri Masjid was in shambles when it was attacked. This Himmat Singh Patel is a blue eyed boy of Sonia.  He used to be around her in 2003 whenever she visited Ahmadabad. According this businessman Himmat Singh was the real Maut ka Suadgar for the local Muslims. 

As the story unfolds, I expect that media’s  role in fanning conflicts will be laid bare.

We then will have to tie in all things and decide who are the real culprits.


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