Media & Police: Why do you tag murderers, rioters as ‘Hindu’ Groups? and other questions

A Pune techie was brutally murdered by criminals. Almost all main stream media #msm are headlining the ‘Hindu outfit’ angle.

Question to Media: do you tag any other community this way?  Did you tag the terrible terrorist Kasab by his religion ? No. Did you tag Afzal Guru, Yakub Memon, and other terrorists by their religion? No. No way.

Those who killed the Pune techie were criminals -Police claim that Dhananjay Desai the leader of Hindu Rashtra Sena is a history-sheeter, named in 23 cases of extortion, rioting and other crimes will be questioned in this case. What has religion got do with it? Those who did it must be brought to the book and punished. That’s it.

Police haven’t yet investigated the case and media are shouting from roof tops about a ‘Hindu’ group.  Media even twisted Pune MP Anil Shirole’s statements insinuating that he ‘supports’ such acts. Read his statement on FB. This is clearly fear mongering. The kind of politics that Congress and leftists have been playing all the time. And media is party to this.

Questions to media (e.g. TOI): Why do you insist that the PM must condemn the murder? Any theories? Anyway even if you had remembered and  acknowledged that Narendra Modi’s Gujarat is the only state to bring rioters from all communities to book. and even  if you had remembered how Modi had disciplined his party man like Giriraj Singh, and even if you had remembered how he dealt with Togadia you would not have asked Modi to condemn the above act. You just had to widely publish these facts again as warning to the potential trouble makers who invoke religion for their criminal acts. Clearly media, you failed. And it was not an accidental failure. It was not a genuine error.

I have two questions to Police:

1. You knew that trouble would be  around given Saturday nights incidents. Why didn’t you round up of the likes of history sheeters Desai ? You have powers. You use them around Ganesh Fsetival. Clearly you failed in not only preventing Saturday troubles but you also failed to get activated despite that warning.

2. What happened to the culprit behind the offensive FB post? Media have forgotten the case. Have you found the man? Will you name his religion and religious organisation prominently? You have draconian powers give by Section 66 of Cyber security act 2002.  So no excuses please.

Give Pune Police’s track record particularly in Dabholkar murder case one wonders when you will be to frame charges against culprits in 1 and 2 above.

I remember that in Dabholkar murder case the Hon’able CM Prithiviraj Chavan had said that right wing conspiracy was behind it. He later changed his ‘thoery’see

So are we still at a theoretical stage in the  Pune techie muder case?

Can you depend on MSM to tell you the truth? To separate clear facts from theories?

Can you depend on Pune Police to prevent trouble of Saturday type and their aftermaths?


3 thoughts on “Media & Police: Why do you tag murderers, rioters as ‘Hindu’ Groups? and other questions

  1. Hemant – for any “position” there are generally two kinds of proponents, There is a set of well meaning people who sincerely believe in that position and there are others who have a vested (ulterior) interest in promoting that view. I believe both of us are of the first type (i.e. well meaning with NO vested interest) – but it is clear that we hold different views on this topic.
    Now coming to your question – the HRS which has been booked for the Pune murder is a rogue organization for sure, but it is also true that they use “religious extremism” to justify their actions, And hence branding them as “Hindu” group is okay, just as Indian Mujahidin and SIMI are branded as Muslim groups. BTW please visit to understand what is happening in a camp called Durgawahini – whose founder was a guest of honor for the swearing-in ceremony of our new Prime Minister. It is not about the PM Modi or BJP per se, but about the “fringe” elements that are feeling empowered which is a real cause of worry.


    • thanks for your views. The examples I gave never get tagged by religion so also terrorist organizations. Media has fanned trouble and police have failed. That’s the thrust of my post.


    • It is wrong to say the fringe elements feel empowered. My post mentions what Modi has done about fringe. Time that the state government is asked to prevent problems. People on your side are silent on this. I have said that police could have prevented much of the trouble.


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