Media. a web of lies, and machinations of Congress

Motivated Media manufactured a ‘divisive Modi’ image and almost succeeded in keeping us under a perpetual #dynasty.

As I continue to read Kishwar’s Modi, Muslims and Media I am astounded by media’s capacity for willful untruths. I have never been a fan of Indian main stream media, but I think I am yet to gauge the depth of the rot that has set in our media firmament under over six decades of Congress rule.

Go back to October 10, 2001. Modi had just been put in the CM’s position by the BJP. On this day he addressed Gujarati people for the first time as a Chief Minister. Kishwar gives English translation of his full speech in Gujarati. The speech outlines his agenda and priorities (Reconstruction of the Bhuj Earthquake and providing water \ power to farmers were the two of them). But his agenda goes much beyond problem solving. There is not a trace of divisiveness in it. On the contrary it has a wholesome vision of Gujarat’s progress.

When read the full text, I remembered many of Modi’s 2014 Loksabha election speeches -only development agenda. Broad strokes of imagination and attention to priorities in the short term.

His speech should be a primer for any Chief Minister. It is a master class. I request Madhu Kishwar to publish her English translation in full and share it widely.

It is clear as daylight that the Congress and the mains stream media manufactured ‘divisive Modi’ image only to serve their own purpose. In Kishwar’s words, “the demonisation of Modi started well before the riots of 2002. His troubles arose not because he came with a divisive agenda, but because he put an end to politics of divide and rule and plugged loopholes of corruption. He made enemies because of all this” Here also lies the genesis of 2002 riots.

Our main stream media, whose freedom we guard zealously,  almost succeeded in keeping Modi out of Prime Ministerial race. Recall the days just before and after his anointment as PM candidate and the intense smear campaign by media and intellectual stooges of Congress.

The web of willful and motivated lies and machinations still operates -think about the hate posts, riots, and murder and media coverage. Think about the insinuations and allegations that Modi \ BJP victory has encouraged ‘right-wing extremism’

Also think: had the above web of lies and machinations succeeded.. and we had as a PM a stooge or a novice or a crafty casteist or egotist politician. Shudder.

I strongly recommend to both those, who voted for and against Modi,  to read Modi, Muslims and Media.

The question remains: how to deal with the web of lies and machinations?



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