Not Kicking up dust… Swachh Bharat Day

wpid-img_20141001_174121251.jpgI hate dust. But I hate kicked up dust more. This was coming in way of my practice of ‘cleanliness is god’ principle. The vacuum cleaner which I purchased decades back is gathering dust due its tedious ways. So cleaning means you tie a hankie around your nose, hold the breath and dust (up).

If you are a mad runner like me who runs on roads, you know how to negotiate obstacles -broken tiles (if their are footpaths), owned and unowned dogs, dog poops( always by owned dogs), electric, telephone, and TV cables, broken bottles, and the sweepers. Dogs and the sweepers mean you need to try the other side of the road.

I always sincerely thank all those who sweep our roads every time I see them, but I also need to make sure that I don’t inhale dust that sweeping kicks up and start sneezing. Most of us are allergic to dust with effects ranging from sneezing (my case) to choking to sever reaction.

My discussions with my friend on the subject of dust held a promise of some simple solution to cleaning -a microfiber duster. I bought one from a shopping site and put it to use immediately swiping anything I took fancy to. I didn’t wait for 2nd October.

For first two days had my hankie tied around my nose, not trusting the technology yet. But seeing that some dust does stick to the green duster, I got a little braver today, on a Vijaya Dashami Day. I didn’t tie the hankie while microdusting away. That was some minutes before I sat down to do this post. I sneezed and I have a slight sensation in my throat which tells me that the technology needs improvement. Also I can see that it does not entirely clean the surfaces. It does get rid of say 90% of dust. So there is nothing better than the damp cloth, yet.

The filth and trash that we see in our public spaces are certainly not due to lack of efforts. Their are two kinds of efforts here -those by people throwing things here and there all the time and those who clean things up. You know who wins. So far.

Enter PM Mod with his Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. He has won many a battles. I am sure, he with our support, will win this war for cleanliness. As a part of this I hope there comes easy technology in the form of dusters, swipes, and mops which doesn’t kick up dust.



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