The Definitive Reading List of the 14 Best Books of 2014 Overall

” we still seem woefully caught in the paradoxical trap of too much entitlement to what we feel we want and too little capacity to accept what we truly need. -Henry Miller

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What all can a Moto G camera do?

During a recent trip to Harnai port on the Konkan coast, Dapoli, and the Seascape project site, all that I had by way of a camera was just my Moto G. The landscapes, the waterways, the hills, the beaches, the fish hauls, and the Sea Fort were so enchanting that I couldn’t help taking pictures all the time.

While I have already published some pics on this blog, here is the complete album. All but just one pics were taken by Moto G.

See this micro movie ‘Hauling the Catch’  

 (3 min :21 Sec)

I think that the Moto G didn’t let me down. But judge for yourself, what all a Moto G camera can do…


Suvarnadurg, a sea fort was built by the Great Shivaji. The fort stands on a rocky island off the Harnai port. You need a boat to reach it.

Suvarnadurg as seen under a setting sun from Seascape site


Most of the outer walls and observation structures (buruj) are still intact and stand strong on the island, a testimony to Shivaji’s foresight.

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Mastering Evolution: Hopes, Trends, and Dreams

My article as a feature contributor has been published in the Learning Exchange E-Journal‘s Edition 99 . This edition is about future focus – hopes, coming trends….and dreams for 2015.

My article** is titled ‘Mastering Evolution: Hopes, Trends, and Dreams’  (requires free membership, log in. Please visit the home page, enter your email in the box under “How to Join” and follow the instructions ) Here are some excerpts…

“This is a year, a decade, and a century of incredible change. Never before in the history of the human race, have revolutionary changes happened on this scale. Gone are those times when revolutions meant political changes involving governments or rulers through wars and coups. This is an era of waves of revolutions in industry, in computing, in communications, in healthcare, in transportation, in machinery and appliances, and in every field you can name. The driving forces behind these are technologies of all kinds, democratization and the rise of the individual, and the ever increasing power of human thought which feeds on itself for reaching higher levels of thinking capabilities….

..For all its progress, the human race still remains mired in limitations of its past. It still stays marooned in outdated patterns of thinking…

…It is a tribute to human ingenuity and genius that we are different and we become different as we grow despite efforts by religion, society, government, teachers, and parents to standardize us. This gives us hope for the future. This gives us our own dreams…”

**The standalone article (pdf file) can be accessed here

A perfect Half Marathon

A perfect December weather in Pune provided a great setting to a well organized running event by Prashanti Cancer Care Mission today.
Amazingly for me, I could shave off 14 minutes from my previous best timing



to finish the race in 2 Hr 31 Min (unofficial) !

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