What all can a Moto G camera do?

During a recent trip to Harnai port on the Konkan coast, Dapoli, and the Seascape project site, all that I had by way of a camera was just my Moto G. The landscapes, the waterways, the hills, the beaches, the fish hauls, and the Sea Fort were so enchanting that I couldn’t help taking pictures all the time.

While I have already published some pics on this blog, here is the complete album. All but just one pics were taken by Moto G.

See this micro movie ‘Hauling the Catch’  

 (3 min :21 Sec)

I think that the Moto G didn’t let me down. But judge for yourself, what all a Moto G camera can do…


2 thoughts on “What all can a Moto G camera do?

  1. Great pictures Hemant. I fully endorse this as I am a MotoG (2nd Gen) user myself. Some of the pictures are very well shot. Did you use any particular settings?


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