The ‘green’ electric vehicles

Clearly an industry lobby is at work here. It beats me, how electric vehicles can be qualified as green.

image source wikipedia

image source wikipedia

To be called ‘green’ any gadget or technology should be clearly more energy efficient and less polluting than more established alternatives. Electric vehicles don’t pollute the air on the roads. But from where the energy for charging batteries comes from? If you consider all the conversion and transmission losses from the generating station thousands of miles away to the battery charging station in a city much more additional electrical energy needs to be generated. So you just shift pollution from roads to a power stations usually running on coal.  Costs and pollution hazards due to chemicals used in batteries is another factor. Moreover, traditional petrol and diesel vehicles are becoming less and less polluting as laws are being tightened.

GM and Mahindra of the auto world would be happy get tax breaks on these vehicles for their Volt and Reva. but I don’t see any logic. I have no problem with electric vehicles being around as an option to traditional vehicles.

Tax dollars or Rupees are better spent on public transport support because it much more energy efficient, it reduces road congestion, lowers pollution per capita and therefore it must have preemptive right over tax concessions.


One thought on “The ‘green’ electric vehicles

  1. Electric vehicles are certainly not green from the point of global warming. It is only a way shifting pollution from Cities to Rural ares where the Thermal plants are located.


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